Draw result for Roma and Atletico Madrid

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The Roma and Atletico (Madrid) teams ended in a 0-0 draw in a C-group match played at Olympiacos stadium in Rome. The two football teams had a number of goal possibilites, but they never managed to make a hit. In the first half One Jack missed two good positions for the hosts, and in the second part the Wolves goalkeeper Alison desperately attacked the mats. Thus, both teams shared the points.
The meeting started with an excellent opportunity for the visitors, but Saul Niges\'s shot saw Alison\'s beam. Shortly thereafter, the Brazilian watchman intervened well in a blow to Coke. Roma responded with deflection to Defree.

In the following minutes, both football teams missed once. First, Grossman did not find the goal, and then Defree failed to make good use of Ningolan.

In the 25th minute Kolarov centered in the penal field of the "mats", but Jaco fired his head incorrectly. Shortly thereafter, Diego Perrotti\'s jerk passed the door. At the 32-minute time, Jan Cloud saw a great rescue. The Slovenian goalkeeper killed Nangollan from the corner of the penalty area in the corner.

Five minutes later the "wolves" received a new excellent opportunity to hit. Kevin Stootman found One Gecko in the penalty area, who from a good position fired aside from the door.

The second part started better for the guests. In the 49th minute Feliche Luis attempted a long shot, but did not make Alison difficult. Shortly thereafter, Jack missed another good opportunity. The Bosnian failed to find the outline of the goal after cornering from a corner. In those minutes, Atletico was pushing the pressure, and Alison had to intervene decisively three times. The Brazilian watchman first reported a violent blow to the Violet. Shortly afterwards, Saul tried a long shot, and the cleanest position missed the Angel Corea Reserve. The Argentine received a penalty shootout and shot strongly but the goalie of the "wolves" showed an enviable reflex and saved.
In the 69th minute, Ferreira-Carasco fired a long shot but only won the corner. At the last minute of the game, the game was evening and the dangers were reduced. In the 83rd minute Angel Corea made a treacherous blow, but Alison once again in this match was on the level. In the 88th minute, Saul found himself in a good position but was blocked by the home keeper and the ball went into the corner.

So the two teams failed to win a winner among themselves and that football game ended with draw result.

Blog of draw predictions