Valencia tore Seville and breathes Barca`s neck

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Valencia`s team played their next brilliant match in Primera, and today defeated Sevilla 4-0 in a ninth round duel. With the success of Marcellino bats Garcia Toral confirmed their second place and are now only a point behind Barcelona, the Catalonians play later. Gonzalo Gueses (43 and 90), Simone Dzindza (51) and Santi Mina (84) defeated Eduardo Berizzo`s boys who took a new ruthless blow this week after the fiasco in Moscow with 1: 5. Interestingly, Valencia has 25 goals scored and for now there is no draw in Spain on this score.

The first half was a two-axle and dynamic action on the two doors. The hosts were a bit more active and strengthened their strength shortly before the break. Gonzalo Guesesh and Luis Muriel first threatened the two goalie players in the second and third minutes. In the 11th, Simone Dzindza fired incorrectly after a combination between Guedez and Carlos Soler.

In the 35th, Soler made a familiar dribbling in the penalty area and with two feathers he prepares Sergio Escudero. With subsequent centering Rodrigo Moreno tried a very hard back scissors and sent the ball quite high. In the 43rd Guedees, she made a very beautiful shot for the Vallenians. The Portuguese went left, overcame Simon Kiaer and Guido Pizarro, then fired very technically and rebounded to the distant fit - 1: 0. The second half has become a real recitation of the black and white. In the 51st Dzzeda he got the ball with his back to the door, he turned and despite the defender`s resistance, he kicked hard on the ground to the far beam. The ball went through the net to the beam - 2: 0. Three minutes later, Sergio Rico saved Rodrigo`s shot.

In the 74th Guedees, Rodrigo scored excellently, the goal seemed secure, but the striker missed. Two minutes later Muriel missed his head. In the 84th, the result gained a classic dimension. The brilliant Guedees today assists Mina, who does not mistake himself against the goalie. In 92nd Guedees formed the final from contact x predictions 4: 0 after a speed action of the hosts.



Blog of draw predictions