Napoli delighted 50, 000 in San Paolo

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Napoli`s team has returned to the top of the A Series. Maurizio Sarri`s team delighted over 50, 000 typhuses who arrived at San Paolo to support the team against Sassuolo in the 11th round. The hosts won 3: 1, recording the tenth success this season that did not come so easy. Alan Marquez (22), Jose Caiechon (44) and Dries Mertens (54) were right for the hosts while Diego Falchinelli equalized 42 minutes. Napoli has 31 points, while the `green-black` stays in 17th place with eight points.

Direct competitors Juventus, Lazio and Roma won their matches mentioned by livescore draw picks and the first two teams equaled the Neapolitan at the top. This is why Sarri`s players needed a mandatory success to get ahead in the rankings. But in the 11th minute, Stefano Sansy hit the top beam over Pepa Raina from a foul. At the 22nd minute, the midfielder was confused in front of his penalty area, and Alan Markes took the ball and scored his second goal for the season. In the 29th minute, Fouzi Goulam with a strong kick hit the right beam, failing to give a more serious advance to the hosts. Former Perugia and Croton player Fabio Falchinelli silenced the stands in the 41st minute. The Taranto scored with a centering right on the right and sent Reyna`s ball to 1: 1. But the luck was on the side of Napoli, who immediately returned his lead, not without the help of goalkeeper Andrea Consili. Jose Kayehoon shoots from a corner shot and the guard tried to knock the ball, but he rebounds into it and went into the net for 2: 1. The second half started with a new goal for Napoli, which was the work of Dres Mertens`s goalie. The Belgian caught a close sweep of Raul Albiol and scored his 10 goal in this championship.

In the 65th minute, referee Luka Peiretto ordered a penalty shoot-out against Falchinelli. After helping VAR (Video Assistant Referee) he changed his mind because the offense was on the border of the penalty area.

The attacker Francesco Casas struck the header in the 67th minute. This startled the `blue` who held the ball and missed the fourth goal in the minutes to the end. The Piotr Zelinsky reserve hit the bar, and Dres Mertens shot inches from the left beam. Napoli is preparing for a new heavy fight in the week when he takes Manchester City into an important match from the group stage of the Champions League.







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