Ulster`s dream evaporates after a controversial penalty, Switzerland prepares luggage for the World Cup

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Switzerland`s team is very close to the World Cup 2018 after defeating Northern Ireland as the guest`s first 1: 0 Northern Ireland qualifier. The only goal came after a very controversial penalty that Ricardo Rodriguez realized in the second part.

As the whole game did not offer many goals, but the Swiss were a bit more offensive and looking for a victory team, and the Ulster hosts did not make a right shot at Jan Sommer`s door so the minimal success could be called logical.

During the first part, the two teams acted cautiously, but the initiative was in the hands of the guests. Territorial pressure, however, did not lead to real goal positions, so both teams withdrew to break without hits. The score was scored by the visitors in the 58th minute. Then a distant strike by Djordan Shakuri was blocked by Cory Evans`s shoulder, but Judge Ovidiu Hacegan decided that there was good reason to punish a penalty. Behind the ball stood Ricardo Rodriguez and coldly realized. By the end of the match analyzed by odds draw tips the situation on the pitch did not change significantly and the game continued to be closed. The hosts did not start to move boldly forward, as the guests preferred not to risk their lead.

The revenge is after three days at Sankt Jakob Park, with Switzerland already looking like a favorite for tickets to Russia. The dream of the Irish to play at the World Cup seems to be increasingly distant.


0: 1 Rodriguez (58-th)

NORTHERN IRELAND: McGovern, McLufflin, McLean, Evans, Davis, Lafferty, Brunt, Evans, Dallas, Norwood,

SWITZERLAND: Sommer, Liechtenstein, Rodriguez, Akandji, Shar, Jackha, Cuber, Djamayli, Zakaria, Shakuri, Seferovic

Blog of draw predictions