Monaco showed a great spirit for a 0:2 turnaround

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Champion Monaco showed he was recovering from the mini-crisis he was in. The Monagas have won very dramatically with their 3-2 home Troia in the 17th round in League 1. Households of Louis II lagged 0-2 to 70 minutes after two hurts of Hun Yun Suk in the 25th and 50thMinutes, but Mattio Deplan`s own goal in the 70`s and two Guido Carriot`s hits in the 85th and 88th minutes brought the reversal of Leonardo Jardim`s alumni. The guests took the lead of two goals. In the 25th minute Saif-One Haouwi made a great break and shot a rebound, goalkeeper Daniel Subashic knocked out, but Hui Yun Suck closely leaned for 0:1. In the 50th minute, the Korean took a long pass behind the defense, Subashic came out to meet him, but his attempt to clear was very hacked and hit the opponent`s body, and then Hugh Yun Sook had no trouble getting his secondnaked in the empty door. Monaco, however, did not intend to surrender so easily and threw himself into an attack. In the 70th minute Mattio Deplan scored his own goal after a sharp left, and the score was 1:2.

In the 85th minute the hosts came to a leveling. Joao Muttinho center on the right and Guido Carrio headed the opponent`s goal. In the 88th minute the Argentine became the hero of the Monegasque, bringing the three points to his team. Camille Glick centers on a foul and Carrieo plunged and headed the ball unsteadily into the net of Troyes for the final predicted by free video online 3:2. After this victory, Monaco collected 35 points and remained in second place in the standings. Troas can be very sorry to leave empty-handed, with the team ranked 17th with 18 points.



Blog of draw predictions