Spalets explained something important to Inter players

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The opening of the market is approaching, and in that connection Inter Luciano Spaleti`s coach turned to his players. The team will eventually leave those we judge, not those who want, said the expert categorically.

There are different media outlets about who the nerraduri will divide, but to date there is nothing clear about anyone.

For Spallets, this period is not pleasant because it leads to a drop in the game by free video online of those athletes who prefer to get out. If someone tells you he wants to leave, then you can not get what you expect as a game. Its level immediately drops. However, this does not mean that we will immediately accept letting him go. If someone shows me that they are not committed, they will no longer be part of my plans. This is not the right way to behave in such a situation. Whoever does it - is no longer intimate until the end.

Inter played excellent in a long period this season, but lost his last three games.

Tomorrow (Saturday) the Milan team accepts Lazio.

Blog of draw predictions