Altvieve`s Hattrick set a tone for Houston

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Jose Altouve hit three home runs and set Houston Astros to an 8: 2 win against Boston Red Sox in the first home of the MLB playoffs this season.The MVP candidate in the American League made a single tour of the 1st, 5th and 7th innings of match # 1 in the division to three wins and became only the ninth baseball player with such a hat-trick outside the regular season.So far, only Bobby Ruth (1926, 1928), Bob Robertson (1971), Reggie Jackson (1977), George Brett (1978), Adam Kennedy (2002), Adrian Beltre (2011), Albert PoohlesSandoval (2012).

I told him the last one I`ve seen hit three home runs in one game was Sandoval and I gave him two of them so I`m happy that he already hassomeone else, whooh he did, `said pitcher` astronauts `Justin Verlander.It was he who was on the Detroit Tigers at World Championship 2012 in which Kung Fu Panda struck three home runs for the San Francisco Giants and led the `giants` to the title.

Tonight Werlander (W1-0) closed 6 innings for Houston with 2 points of 6 hits and 2 hubs.The guests scored with Sandy Leon`s RBI-single in Raphael Devers`s 2nd and self-sacrifice flop in the 4th.New heavy injury suffered as a DH for `red socks` Eduardo Nunes -;the infiltration again twisted knee ligaments in the right leg, running to the first base, and was out in the hands of the first inning.

Boston star Kris Saale (L 0-1) failed in the first playoffa career match and 5+ innings was scattered by 9 hits and 7 points, including three home runs.Besides Altuve (twice), Alex Bregman`s left-hand ball also marred Marian Gonzalez and Brian McCann with two racers with a double and single hit respectively.Austin Madkins, the 7th innkeeper, served the last home of Altuve, who made the final result.

The second match between Astros and Red Sox is tonight, again at MinnieMade Park.The third and eventual fourth meeting will be played at Fenway Park in Boston on Sunday (October 8th) and Monday (October 9th).If necessary, the series will return to Houston for a decisive game # 5 next Wednesday (October 11).

In the same days, matches predicted by archive draw tips will be played from the other playoff in the AL between Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees.In it, the `Indians` are already leading 1-0 after they had 4-0 in the opening meeting of their Progressive Field earlier this morning.

Trevor Bauer (W 1-0) started on the hillfor Cleveland, and together with two reels, completely silenced the attack of the Yankees.The starter made 6 inches and 2/3 with 2 hits, and strokes finished Andrew Miller and Cody Allen (S 1).The three pitchers made a total of 14 strikes.New York bet on Sonny Gray (L 0-1), but summer retirement left a game after only 3 innings and 1/3 in which he gave 3 hits and 4 basesfor the hurt that led to 3 points.

Ironically, JB Bruce was involved in every result situation of the hosts.The right outsider first scored from a third base at a double play in the 2nd innings.Then he hit a double home in the 4th.Finally, he sent a self-sacrificial flyer with which he fixed the final difference in the 5th.


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Houston Astros - Boston Red Sox 8:2 (1-0 in the series to 3 wins)

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